Whether it be therapy or education we strive to achieve equine, pet and people "balance and function" and to give a guided perception of what created then need for therapy in the first place.
 It is about gaining all the peaces we need to make things works
"Healing ourselves, our horses, and our companions(dogs/cats)"

Laodas-Way Healing means "Freedom, Passion, Expression, and Truth of the Horse and its animal companions"

The foundation of Laodas-Way Healing comes from Julies deeply rooted desires to free horses and pets from a world of chemicals, toxic feed, and abusive care methods. To present horse/pet owners & people with access to ‘natural products’ to heal their animals and keep them healthy with ‘animal education’ and ‘treatment plans’ that will result in full recovery. Through Julies years of study and seeing the profound benefits of ‘natural healing methods’ she could not ignore the amazing results presented time after time where animals would recover from a program and products built on their ‘specific needs’. With the increased healing capabilities of ‘natural healing products’ we can now offer and allow animals left with little or no options ( from traditional methods) the ability to recover and lead a good life for more years to come.

During Julies early years in the initial building of Laodas-Way she remained focused towards her goal of finding what it was that the animals needed. She listened to their needs and let them communicate to her to build the groundwork of   
Laodas-Way. Through this communication and guidance she created products  to help heal them and developed clinics and programs that heal and work for them. She learned to heal through the animals by developing one important trait – which is TRUST. She never strayed form that one word ‘TRUST’ – and now many success stories come in, proving that Laodas-Way Healing works!

Laodas-Way Healing to me has been life changing!! I went in being skeptical and have used most of the products and taken many clinics, there isn’t one product that I haven’t been absolutely thrilled with and the clinics have helped me heal so many horses, people, dogs and myself and given me a career doing what I love. Colleen Voth

Everyone of my horses and dogs have been on many of Laodas-Way Healing's products, that along with her treatments, has supported them on every level and has been life changing for their quality of life. Stacey Stengler

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Julie firmly believes there is no foundation in our lives without horses and animals. 
They heal us and Laodas-Way products and services are just a simple way of giving back to them. 
Julie MacKinnon(Owner of Laodas-Way)


What Our Slogan Means "Freedom, Passion, Expression & Truth"
Our products, treatments, programs, and services continually work towards bringing horses and pets ‘Freedom’ in their body by helping them through 
Bringing our 'Passion’ to be their voice and healing them so they can 
‘Express’ their desires and needs to the fullest and continue into a long and caring relationship with their owners. 
All the while listening  to the ‘Truth’ of each animal. 
Total healing has no compromise or sacrifice. The animal always knows best!

Laodas-Way Healing

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