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DATE                        LOCATION Class/Event            
Feb 16                                                Crystalized Event -Online/Energy/Distance Healing
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March 7-10                                Tofield/Lamont -Therapy Trip

March 14-18                              Equine Therapy Master Series Level 1 
                                                    Location Alder Flats,AB
                                                   *4 day clinic
March 23-24                             Dentals (haul ins) Laodas-Way Alder Flats, AB

March 30-31                             W5 of Dog and Cat Care
                                                   Location Alder Flats, AB
                                                   *2 day clinic

April                                          Local Treatments within 1-2hours 
                                                   of Alder Flats, AB 

April 26-28                               Mane Event Booth"Come See Us at Booth 1308"
                                                  Red Deer, AB

May 3-4                                    Edson, AB Therapy/Dental Trip

May 5-6-7-8                              Fort St. John Therapy Trip

May 18-19                                Dental/Therapy (haul ins) Laodas-Way
                                                  Alder Flats, AB

May 23 -28                               Vanderhoof, BC Therapy Trip

June 20-23                               Equine Therapy Master Series Level 2 
                                                 Location Alder Flats,AB
                                                 *4 day clinic (level 1 per-requisit)

June                                          High Level, AB Therapy/Dental Trip

July  4-7                                   Williams Lake, BC Therapy Trip 

July 24-28                               Mankota, SK Therapy/Dental trip 


Nov                                          Canadian Finals Rodeo

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