The one thing Julie strives for the most in her healing 
work is to help animals live their best life possible. 

Her love of animals started on the family farm as a kid with deer, goats, elk, moose, and of course horses. Over her younger years she spent time working in PMU barns, an equine vet clinic, and training facilities. She has competed in 5 rodeo queen competitions with a take away of even more knowledge. All combined this base of knowledge lead her into the healing world where she now focuses on her true passion of listening, communication, and application to not only heal but teach, so others can also help animals. She rehabilitates horses, pets and owners using a base of knowledge that includes muscle testing and protocols developed over her years of practice to correct problems from simple diagnosis to even the worst case scenarios.

Julie created her company Laodas-Way Healing to be for the horse and with the horse, always. She extends her treatments for horses, to pets and people also. This includes alignment, nutrition/cleanses, equine dental, communication, energy work, and more. She has been offering her services since 2003. This includes the development of the LWH product line with 67 remedies in which each product works from the core issue that creates it. She has also developed 6 educational charts/cards to help and guide owners in the healing of their animals.

Over the years Julie has developed LWH clinics like no others in the field. The goal of these learning clinics is to change the outlook people have of our horse’s world and to bring back the focus of healing and getting to the root cause. She has short clinics on alignment, herbs, nutrition, energy, essential oils, and a 2.5 year Master series program for practitioners. By teaching these clinics she hopes to open the minds of horse enthusiasts everywhere to a new way of helping and healing our equine friends!


19 years equine/pet therapy experience


BC College of Equine Therapy
Advanced Chiropractics
Equine Dentistry
Spinal alignment, massage, stretching
Meridian therapy
Muscle testing
Hoof trimming
Equine Rehabilitation
Equine Nutrition
Energy work
Light Therapy
Essential oils

Therapist / Instructor &
Owner of 
Laodas-Way Healing

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Julie MacKinnon  
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