With a well versed background Julie has been working on horses, dogs and people in the healing realm 
now for 17 years and teaching for 14 years. 

Her knowledge of horses comes from training barns, being a trainer, vet clinics, pmu barns, being raised with horses, 
6 years of rodeo queen competitions, mountain riding, breeding and owning horses, along with taking many 
different equine/human/pet workshops and working with some of the best mentors in the field.

Julie is the Creator of: Laodas-Way Healing Products CA / USA, LWH Clinics, and Therapy Programs.

Background and Areas of Expertise:
Applied Kinetics/Muscle Testing/Communication 
Behavioral Management
Body Message Interpretation 
Energy Therapy                                                                       
Herbal & Homeopathic Work                                                                                   
Karmic Release/Agreement  Techniques                                                              
Tack Fitting  & Rider Imbalance                                                                              
Journeying  &Extraction Therapy                                                                            
Acupressure/Axitonial Balance                                                                               
Dimensional Therapy  &  Body Blue Print Work                                                    
Grounding Techniques  &  Body/Soul/Mind Connection Integrity Testing        
Earth Healing &  Angel Healing/therapy                                                                

Julie is available to book for Clinics and Therapy Treatments at   laodas-wayhealing@live.ca  
Please specify your location and clinic or treatment interest.
Chiropractics Cranial Adjusting
Equine Dental
Element/Polarity Therapy  
Herd Management Cleansing Techniques
Spiritual/Mental Therapy
Emotional Release Meditation
Color/#/Letter Therapy  
Chakra Alignment  
Crystal Healing & Essential Oil Techniques
Smudge Therapy & Shamanic Studies
Reflex Therapy Channeling
Trimming & Training
Therapist / Instructor &
Owner of 
Laodas-Way Healing

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Julie MacKinnon  
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